#PariPrints: Welcome!

Welcome to #PariPrints! #WeGrowHopeHere! Pari Prints strives to: grow hope, love, faith – ensure that others know there is support, a hand to hold, a hug available, a place to come to see that others are around that believe in them and their journey – and to give even one, maybe a few, or more the mindset to say – #NeverGiveUp We help message the message of the awesome Dustin Pari!



Not A Quote, A Message

I would love to have made this into a print. Yet it is too long. I would love to have made it into a set of prints, but then it would not have made as much sense or made as much of an impact. Today, Dustin Pari opened up on what he called a #SoapBoxRant on Twitter – and in the end, it was powerful, poetic, enlightening, and completely stunning. I give you the first #BlogPrint – When I take a set of Mr. Pari’s tweets and put them together as if they were a speech, poem, or a blog of his own. These were separate tweets but watch how they come together. I have one word: RESPECT. ____________________________ “Okay… This is on my mind…


PariPrints Goes Live: BlogTalkRadio

I felt it was about time to go LIVE! Let’s TALK about inspiration and motivation, gratitude and kindness. I want you to be able to hear my voice and I also want to give a little push for those around me to #SpreadTheMessage – there’s so many different ways to do this. I thought in my mind, I see so many different people use this method and I love hearing these shows. It is a great resource for people to be able to listen and come together to divulge in many different subjects. Will the show be all about Dustin Pari? NOPE! As a matter of fact, he likely will not be much of a subject at all. While I’m sure I will bring him…


On Cherishing Moments

Ah. Dustin. This is a good-un. As we say in the South. Translation: good one. (I’m sure you all knew that). Today I had an experience that I haven’t had since I was six – and to be honest, I don’t remember much about being six. Let me be blunt. I cherish every single day, or at least I think I do. When I look back over it, however, I wonder. I got up, I brushed my teeth, I changed a diaper, I watched TV, I did regular errands, I tweeted, (and from here it turns into a mega-mesh of I cannot remember because it’s usually the same because life is the same and I have the same plans because I have kids and things…


Dustin on Live Paranormal: An Interview

(Click image above to hear the interview!) If you happened to be away from your computer last night or any sort of listening device that carried Live Paranormal – you missed out on a fantastic interview with the one and only genius – Dustin Pari. I sat down and tuned in – admitting I was stuffing my face with a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese combo from McDonald’s and my normal “end of the night, you done good” drink, Whiskey and Pepsi. The candor was terrific. You know that Mr. Pari – too funny. I could appreciate the dunking of the Oreos and his very laid back manner (“was that him chewing?” “Did he just take a swig of milk?” ). Not to mention the…


Compassion Never Ages

Well, Dustin. You’re another year older. I think in one Instagram picture you even pointed out you are growing some gray hair. Sidebar: Really? AND you ate the whole wheel of cheese?   Oh, Dustin. I have to tell you on a daily basis your tweets make me laugh – little antics such as talking about your obsessions with egg nog, Christmas, donuts. I’m sure as you continue to process through the human aging cycle these things will only continue to get funnier – and will never change – well unless you lose your teeth but (LE GASP) – no. We don’t want to go there – do we? No peppermint sticks? Something that I want to point out, however, throughout all this – is that…


An Open Letter To Dustin Pari About Pari Prints

Dear Dustin Pari, People often wonder how and why I continue doing Pari Prints – or what was the point in the first place. They’re quotes onto your pictures. I’ve had many come to me inspired. I’ve made an entire website. I’ve put my entire heart and soul into it. I do it daily. There’s an official Twitter. An official YouTube. There are people who retweet the prints every single day – and tell me they are touched, or inspired, or needed to see it that day. To be honest, Dustin, you make the prints. They really are your words onto your pictures. I merely choose them and put them together. So why do I do this? I have had this question so many times…


Small Acts, Big Meanings

Insert obligatory #PariPrint here: Oh, Mr. Pari. How true is this?  During the past several weeks – something like this, has made a significant difference to me – and it isn’t just from Mr. Pari. Let me take this quote and expand on it a tad. I want everyone to know that Mrs. Jenn S., a la, myself, is not perfect. I cannot be. If I tried, I would not pass Go. I would not collect $200, and would end up in jail and not collecting anything fancy from the Community Chest. I come on here and absolutely try my hardest to inspire everyone – #NeverGiveUp – have courage, be brave. I, myself, have been the one wanting to ignore the world and it has…


A Deeper Meaning: Awareness

I ask everyone to take a moment, grab a cup of tea or coffee, and sit back and read the following journey with an open heart, as I’m sure you always do. What you are about to see is honest emotion, it is raw heart. It is a journey of my own that has flourished along with this site yet one that has deeper meaning. For those unaware – May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It is not just this month that holds specific meaning to me but the concept in general. I am a voice that speaks where some fall silent in a world where mental health often has a negative stigma. I am here writing today with the hopes that my words will touch…


A Preview of What’s Next

Today’s #PariPrint on May 12, 2015 had special significance. Not only was it an amazing motivational quote from Mr. Pari – but it was a glimpse into the whimsical tale of What’s Next. Mr. Pari’s amazing, 5 star book now on sale is quite the journey. I once posted my video blog because he left me speechless so much that I could not even write a review. I spoke in my own verse in a 7 minute video about how I felt, stumbling upon words to find – to describe this masterful treasure. The strokes of his soul onto paper – typing with such heart, from page to page, this one quote is just one example of the jewel that you will find when you…